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If you like this movie, then you will love the features offered here; nostalgic rules! Hardcore slot gamers may be disappointed that the free game round is limited to 8 rotations, while the Dogfight Wilds feature seems to be rarer than Haley's comet. But apart from those complaints, it is really a smooth and enjoyable game.

This is the fighter, it will appear on the reels 1, 3 and 5. Rotate three of them and you will trigger the dangerous zone free game round. Here, you will receive 8 free game rewards, and any Dogfight Wilds you receive will be further enhanced to get some extraordinary prizes. In the Top Gun slot, you really want to get into the scuffle. That's because some of the sky-high rewards can be obtained by any of the melee wild features that are randomly triggered by the rotation.