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The game managed to mix a series of lucky Chinese symbols with classic slot symbols, which may be considered lucky by Western gaming audiences. The game symbols in the game are as follows (paid from low to high): 9, 10, Jack, Queen, Ace, two Koi fish in a pond, lotus, peacock, lucky dragon in the cloud, Golden Lion and a gorgeous dress Chinese man in a robe.

In terms of function, Zhao Cai Jin Bao is a very simple game, because the game only provides standard wild and scattered symbols. Other than that, the only noteworthy feature is that it pays the winning payline from right to left and left to right. To compensate for the lack of features in the game, its RTP is 96%, which is very high for modern Playtech slot machines. I played Zhao Cai Jinbao for a while and found that the simplicity of the game will not affect my enjoyment, because the game will play soon, and will give you a lot of small wins, these wins are either higher than your bet amount, or Below your bet amount. For me it made me spin the reels, I was not frustrated because of the lack of features, because I knew they were not there.