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You usually find them in the bathtub, so the designers added some animated bubbles that floated from under the reels until they popped up. It all looks very interesting and friendly. When you turn on the track, a strange high-speed click sounds at the beginning of each spin, but it is quickly replaced by standard fruit machine noise. Some people may like it, but we quickly turn it off.

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If you have 1 wild symbol, you will get 1 multiplier. If you get 3 wild symbols, and if you win the winning combination, your victory will be affected by a 3 multiplier. This means that when you are wild, you get a 5x multiplier for your winning spin!

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Lotus Legend

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This flower has its story. If you decide to rotate the scroll of this game, you may get a clearer picture. When you join this oriental adventure, you will see a beautiful garden in the background, full of beautiful flowers and trees, and the amazing Chinese pavilion, whose buildings are well known.

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Once Lara Scatters appear on the screen in any position, they will help you play a free spin game. During the ten free spins, all the victories you win will triple. Lara Scatters can bring you another ten rotations, scattered again on the reels. You can also see the Wild symbol in many free casino video slot games. Only game symbols that trigger the bonus function cannot be replaced by the Wild symbol.

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