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Lucky KOI

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Lucky Koi relies on luck to determine the size of future bonuses; each symbol combination has a specific value, which is also affected by the size of your bet. In other words, the more you gamble on the reels, the more rewards you will get in the future. Keep this in mind during the game and don't hesitate to adjust your bet as you wish. The most common of these are cockroaches, turtles and frogs. These small residents in the pond are sitting on the lily mat and can only trigger a small victory. Try to rank as many rewards as possible to increase their rewards and ultimately get a bigger bonus.





This list also has a lily pad, a fan, lucky gold coins and silver and gold lucky charms. The most valuable symbol, rewarding more than 100 times the value of your bet, is the koi and game logo. These symbols may be less common, but definitely worth waiting for.