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ma shang ying LUCKY STRIKE

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Although there is no background noise, when there is a victory, there will be a traditional sound with a happier tone. When this victory happens, it neatly lights up the lines on the scoreboard, and the amount you win and the lines it appears are also displayed. It's all very low-key and consistent with the game style. If you win the highest amount, it does become even more gorgeous. Big Win appears on the screen and calculates the amount until the amount is calculated. The gold coins have also fallen.



As shown in the box to the left, the top symbol is the lucky horseshoe. It is worth 3 of 500 points, the second symbol value is 200 and the third 100. It's down to 10 gold symbol. If you are playing 1-7 lines, if you get Scatter, there will be different levels of jackpots. The intricately designed horse symbol offers 5 different bonuses, from 5 points to 5 points, and if you get 9 points, it is 5000 points. You may think that the horse can't get better.