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Behind the reel you can see the perfect animated picture of the jungle, as well as the giant toadstool, which extends to the character symbols, and when they become part of the winning line, they move in various ways.





These bonuses start with the 10, J, Q and K symbols. When each symbol falls on 3, 4 or 5 reels, the bet amount for each payline is 5x, 25x or 100x, 10 Even returning a small win of 2 times when it is only seen on reels 1 and 2.

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Many of Red7's online slots take into account smartphone players. Games like Mayfair Magic and Battleship Direct Hit! Designed for touch screens. Red7's great software brings some interesting features. For example, Battleship Direct Hit! Suitable for unique 7x6 reels, there are over 110,000 ways to win the competition. The history of the pinball machine dates back to the 19th century. The bumper, ankle and scoreboard in the early games can still be seen on the pinball machine today.



Just as the classic slot function survived the nostalgic online slot, the iconic image of the old pinball machine survived the Pinball Magic video slot. The bonus game features a familiar bumper and ankle of the pinball machine.

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Known as the golden age of culture, art and music in Chinese history, the era of the Tang Dynasty was attributed to helping Chinese culture go far beyond its realm. Prince Princess's video slot respects this era by providing a time-character symbol of enchanting packaging filled with cherry blossoms, soothing music and soft natural sounds.





The main benefit of this slot is a free spin, triggered by a special scatter symbol, which looks like a vase with golden flowers. If you get 3, 4 or 5 bonus symbols to appear anywhere on the screen, the game will grant you 7, 10 or 15 free spins, respectively. By default, all free spins add a factor of 3 to the payment and can be retriggered again by getting 3 or more symbols during the turn.

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The Pirate King looks much better than most Spade Gaming slots and really exudes the original atmosphere. A positive first impression is important for any slot machine game, but we must dig deeper and look at the basic gameplay to better understand what the pirate king has to offer.




General gameplay, short betting range and low volatility are classic features of developers. You can find similar details in Golf Champions or Highway Fortune, but Pirate King stands out for its outstanding graphics quality and more generous overall billing. Try two good reasons for it.

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The railway, not only based on any ancient railway line, but on one of the most famous and important railways in history - the first transcontinental railway, connecting the former "Wild West" with the eastern states of the United States stand up. As a result, the game is full of a thriving atmosphere and all the excitement of travel and exploration.





The only symbol that will not be replaced by a wild train is the scattered cactus. However, if three, four or five cactus icons appear, the player will receive the corresponding 12, 16 and 32 free spins. When this happens, the wild train will become the “multi-field” symbol, which basically means that if it wins, it will expand to other locations on the same reel.

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The background of the reel may seem quite trivial at first, but you will notice that it looks like a map appearing on Pokemon Go, guiding you to the nearest character. Light green, gray roads and intersections are easy to ignore at first glance. However, double check it, plus Pokeball - or almost the same image! - At the top of the page, the game based on it will soon be displayed.





Some symbols require at least three matches to pay, but the highest value symbol requires only one symbol. You can get a maximum of 2,000 bonuses from regular symbols and match five.

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Although there is no background noise, when there is a victory, there will be a traditional sound with a happier tone. When this victory happens, it neatly lights up the lines on the scoreboard, and the amount you win and the lines it appears are also displayed. It's all very low-key and consistent with the game style. If you win the highest amount, it does become even more gorgeous. Big Win appears on the screen and calculates the amount until the amount is calculated. The gold coins have also fallen.



As shown in the box to the left, the top symbol is the lucky horseshoe. It is worth 3 of 500 points, the second symbol value is 200 and the third 100. It's down to 10 gold symbol. If you are playing 1-7 lines, if you get Scatter, there will be different levels of jackpots. The intricately designed horse symbol offers 5 different bonuses, from 5 points to 5 points, and if you get 9 points, it is 5000 points. You may think that the horse can't get better.

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