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ocean paradise

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Although each tile itself is attractive, the mermaid made up of shells and corals is the most beautiful, with details that are second to none. Surprisingly, although she rewarded some of the highest figures in the game, when they found all five, she still only gave 8.00 to the user, which was quite disappointing. Only the game's logo icon beats her and offers 10.00.



You have to give a little, but there is no difference here. Customers have a very large range of bets, and even the most stressful budget is very tolerant, which means you don't have to break the bank to enjoy the good times. The first amount on all paylines is 0.01, but it can rise to 0.50 which is a game limit, which means you have either 0.50 or 25.00 points. When we say that it is tolerant, look what we mean?